About BarberShop

BarberShop is a trade magazine specifically for mens barbers and mens hairdressers. Keeping up with trends and fashion as well as business advice, new products, news, competitions and complimentary products and services, this NEW magazine fills the void of this growing market and is the only Trade magazine of its kind to service this market

It is the only magazine of its kind which offers a comprehensive look at both the business and image side of the BARBER AND MENS HAIRDRESSING industry. We provide barbershop owners with tools and information to be more successful and knowledgeable when it comes to business skills as well as keeping them informed with trend forecasts, interviews, profiles, news, reviews and product info. BARBERSHOP is written for today's salon owners, focusing on issues and topics with the everyday operation of their business in mind. It keeps up to date with the ever changing face of business and hair and imparts valuable information on a wide variety of subjects making it an essential tool for any successful and growing hair salon.

Distribution and Circulation

BarberShop is available for subscription to Men’s Hair Salon and Barber Shop throughout Australia.