Rest assured that in regard to the 2020 ABIA’s we are FULL STEAM AHEAD! All published dates that relate to the ABIA’s remain in place with the only date that could potentially change in the future being the actual Gala Night on 23rd August 2020. We certainly hope at this stage however this will not be the case and if we are forced to change this date will reschedule for the earliest date available to us in 2020.

Entries are due to be completed and submitted by Friday 29th May 2020

Finalists will be announced on Monday 22nd June 2020

Gala Night – Sunday 23rd August – The Star Sydney.

In the last week we have received an unprecedented number of emails and calls from entrants, past, present and future asking if we are still going ahead, and all unanimously excited and happy with the answer of YES!

Activity on the awards site is in fact at an all-time high and our decision to continue, which at this stage has never been is question is based on just a few simple factors:-

  1. The reporting awards period for the 2020 awards is from April 2019 – March 2020 prior to closure of salons and downturn
  2. Salons have voiced that the process of going through an entry has already given them optimism for the future by looking at their precious business’ and reminding themselves of what they have built. Despite this being a challenging time following a survey that we have completed inhouse of 50 salon owners, not one voiced an opinion that the entry process was distressing for them in any way – in fact quite the opposite!
  3. Now more than ever when salons have time to spend on the awards entry online, salons are also voicing the opinion that they welcome the process, to do something constructive in the time they have, during the shutdown period.
  4. We believe that as the facilitator of the ABIA’s, it is important to still be able to bring this well cemented and important event to the industry later this year at a time when we will most need it,

We are fully committed to the Beauty Industry and have no question that our decision to bring the ABIA’s 2020 to the industry as planned is the right one for us all.

We thank all of our incredible sponsors for their ongoing support as without them this would not be possible, and we look forward immensely to a time where we can celebrate and join together in building the beauty industry through both accolade, celebration and solidarity.

Best regards, in safety and in health

Linda Woodhead

Publisher and owner, mocha Publishing