There has been much talk recently how and where Dyson, as a brand, can fit into the professional hair industry as we know it. And much discussion, both for and against the issue of Dyson launching into the hair and beauty market with the burning question being based around the ability to sell the product in salons.

With that in mind, firstly, I decided to go to the source and ask Dyson themselves the question, on behalf of the industry, and secondly, I have my own opinion on a few things that have been raised that I would like to voice.


“Dyson carefully considers all locations where we make our technology available to owners, and this includes offering through salons and stylists. We already sell through a small range of salons in Australia, but we understand the passion for our machines and therefore we are currently trialling to extend this further. We are dedicated to supporting industry professionals with activations such as the L’Oréal Colour Trophy, AHFA, Hair Expo, Hair Biz Forum, Trade Media and our own Education Roadshows due to be held this year in Perth, Melbourne and Sydney.”

So, taking Dyson’s official statement into account and speaking as the owner of Hair Biz magazine, numerous industry events, awards and competitions, here is my response and thoughts on the questions that seem to have fuelled this debate.

Why can’t hair salons sell the Dyson Supersonic or Airwrap in salons?

Some salons are already selling the Dyson products and Dyson are currently conducting strategic trials on how this can be extended.

Why should hairstylists use a product in a salon that they cannot then sell, only to provide sales to large retail organisations such as David Jones or Myer?

Hair stylists have the right to choose what product they use in their salons, recommend to their clients, make the most money on and have the best relationship with. This is a personal and individual choice and when making that choice a lot of things are taken into consideration. Cost of product, RRP, mark up, support, aesthetic, efficiency etc. As and when Dyson becomes available for more salons to sell, the profitability and outlay vs other brands will be something salons will look into and many will no doubt choose to stay with the brands they currently have a relationship with, for good reason. This is a high end, high price brand that will not suit a lot of salons’ demographic, bearing in mind that the Dyson Supersonic RRP is $499 and Dyson Airwrap RRP is $799. The marketing strategy to make a brand available in a more exclusive and restricted way is not a new one to the hair industry.

Why do certain industry bodies, awards, events and trade media seemingly support a brand that goes against everything the professional hair industry stands for when it comes to retail recommendations?

It is interesting to me that one of the questions raised has been about why myself and other industry bodies would support this brand, when in actual fact I see it as quite the opposite, in that Dyson are supporting us and therefore in turn, supporting the industry at large. I would appear naïve, uninformed and uneducated not to empathise with salon owners and other brand manufacturers, however things are changing, and there is a strategy in place. Some salons are already selling the brand and more will be invited to do so over time. The marketing and launch from Dyson have been well thought out and let’s not forget the innovation and technology behind this brand is unquestionable.

We have in the past reported on both the Supersonic and the Airwrap and have questioned their place in the professional market. We have looked at all aspects from the salon, to personal use, to backstage at Fashion week and more. Everyone wanted to know what it was, how it worked, how much it cost, etc., and as a member of the hair industry trade media, it is our job to report on this. It is also my belief that alongside many other brands, paying for advertisements in trade media, sponsoring events, awards, competitions and education roadshows is positive and indeed necessary for the industry.

In summary, coming from the passionate industry that we all do, some can often speak first without gathering all of the information required to make informed and well thought out decisions and statements. One thing for sure is that we are all talking about Dyson, which is a marketer’s dream come true! We have always gone beyond the call of duty when it comes to the support we give to all brands that support us and remain true to professional integrity. Anything that highlights good hair health in my book is a positive thing and innovation, discussion and positive debate never hurt anyone.