Due to the current COVID-19 situation we have decided to temporarily press pause on our printed magazine division. We hope to resume as normal as soon as we possibly can to bring our readers all of their favourite stories, news, profiles, features, product releases and event information. The only magazine that this affects immediately, is the current edition of Beauty Biz (Year 13 issue 2 – due out mid-April), which will not be produced in print or as an online version. We are monitoring the situation with regards to Hair Biz and BarberShop and will update everyone within the next 2 weeks for upcoming editions.

The reasons behind this decision, initially for Beauty Biz only, has come from both a health and commercial perspective.

  • We are unsure at this stage if we can guarantee that sending out printed magazines is in the best health interest of our readers.
  • At this stage all Beauty Salons are closed and therefore Print magazines if mailed to the usual 7000 salons would be returned.
  • We believe it is our responsibility to only share correct news and content and based on the clinical nature of our magazine and a 2 week turnaround from upload to print we do not think we are able to meet our moral duty as a voice for the industry when things are changing on a daily basis. We do not want to include either inappropriate or incorrect content.
  • Commercially we do not believe it is fair to hold our advertisers to booked annual contract advertising, when the existing demographic they market to is closed for business.
  • We have decided that an online version to send to our email database of 7000 is also not an option based on the commercial viability and costs to still produce the edition with limited manpower and advertising revenue.
  • For those contract advertisers that do want to continue marketing to the industry we are offering our email/online service free of charge to communicate with our 7000 Beauty Email Database.
  • At our own cost we will be keeping our regular EDM/Online service available to anyone within the industry who is offering online educational services to the Beauty Industry. This will be a free service without charge to educators.
  • As of Friday 27th March, we have scaled down our business and our employees and sub-contractors/editors are currently in hibernation for a minimum 2-week period to once again evaluate the situation after this time.
  • Our phones at this stage will be diverted to the publisher Linda Woodhead and auto responders will be placed on our email addresses although these will be monitored periodically.

We hope that we can bring better news in our next bulletin and apologise for any inconvenience that may occur through this decision.

Best regards, in safety and in health

Linda Woodhead

Publisher and owner, mocha Publishing