We have received a number of requests from out Trans-Tasman friends, requesting an extension to the Round 1 deadline, due to the number of recent snap lockdowns they have encountered in New Zealand, which have resulted in having to postpone, in some cases, two shoots!


We feel it only fair during the extreme current circumstances to accomodate this, and seeing as though we can't keep open just certain categories, the entire awards site will now remain open until Midnight Wednesday 24th March, 2021 AEST.

We are on a pretty tight schedule as we need time to go thorugh all entries to check eligibiilty, and then make ready for our judges, so they have enough time to judge and allow us to announce finalists on 19th April, 2021, so please complete your entries by the new due date and submit by paying your fee. (N.B. There is no further fee for Round 2 should you reach Finalist Status)

In the meantime, we wanted to address the most common question we have received in the last few days, which may be very useful to you!

Can we enter more than one category with the same collection?

Yes. Although there are some exceptions. Note: These points do not apply to International Hairdresser of the Year or HOT SHOTS which have very different criteria.

1. Australian and NZ Hairdresser of the year must enter a unique collection that is ONLY entered in one of these two categories, however you can use up to 2 shots from this collection in the Creative Team of the Year category alongside up to 4 unique shots from you and your team or 4 shots that have been entered into other categories as long as they have been unseen and not entered into any other comp other than the Hair Expo Awards 2020 exception explained in the rules.

2. If you have entered one of the State Hairdresser of the Year categories, and have met the criteria of being a qualified hairdresser, who has exceeded 3 years beyond the conclusion of your apprenticeship, you can enter the same collection into New CreatIve Talent. Bear in mind that when it comes time to do the written submission, questions in these 2 categories vary to determine the winner of each title, being relevant to the criteria and status of said title.

3. The colourist of your collection in some categories can indeed also enter the same collection into Colour Expert of the Year, however they MUST carefully check that category’s rules first, as there are many restrictions in terms of what they can and cant do, which would be different to another category's rules. These rules need to be checked in the info kits.

4. If you have entered a collection in a category where a team of 2 or more people are from different salons, not linked in ownership or have combined together as an independent team, you are able to enter that collection into Best Colab of the Year. Bear in mind 6 shots are needed in this category and can be made up of a duplicate collection or made up of a few collections to form this one entry as long as all shots have been produced within the colab and meet criteria.

Remember with the AHIA Creative, where there are 2 Rounds, both rounds represenst 50% weighting for final results in the judging and both rounds are completed with a ranking and preferences process. More info on judging is in the General rules and regulations document.

Judges will be given the relevant criteria and rules, shown in the info kits, on which to base their evaluation of photographic collections.

We are down to the pointy end folks!!!

Good Luck to all!!!

AHIA Creative

07 55805155

Entry Site: https://ahiacreative.awardsplatform.com/dashboard