7th September 2020



The 2020 Australian Hair Industry Awards gala event, which was due to be held on the Gold Coast on 1st November, will sadly, not be going ahead as planned and all tickets purchased will of course be fully refunded.

When the government gave events the go ahead a few months ago, we were very excited and have worked hard behind the scenes to create an environment that was safe, and would allow us to provide the celebration, entertainment and extravagant gala that the AHIA is known and loved for.

Unfortunately, our commitment has not been matched with a practicality that will allow us to deliver a premium event to the industry; meaning that we have been forced to cancel the AHIA gala night. We are not prepared to put our guests through unnecessary cost and inconvenience, offer a less than stellar event and have the genuine prospect of last-minute cancellation,

This difficult decision has been made bearing in mind the following:-

  • Queensland Borders are closed and most likely will remain closed until at least end October 2020
  • Self-Isolation and Quarantine is still being imposed on visitors from some states
  • Heavy restrictions still remain in Victoria
  • Interstate travel is still very uncertain with isolation, border and quarantine rules
  • Sadly, we cannot predict further lockdowns between now and the event date.
  • While the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre does have a COVID safe plan, social distancing and 4sq m rules remain, meaning we can only offer tables of 4 and these must be spread out throughout the venue
  • There would be no pre-drinks event allowed and all guests must remain seated at all times.
  • Close contact which would include presentation of trophies would need to be limited
  • No dancing is allowed
  • There would be no official after party

Most importantly, we believe that by taking everything into consideration, we are unable to deliver an event worthy of our respected name and ticket cost, not to mention keeping everyone safe and have guests from all over Australia attend.

So, instead, now for the good news…



We don’t want you to have to wait any longer to find out the winners of the 2020 AHIA and the 2020/21 HOT SHOTS Team. So, we will be hosting the AHIA’s Online, which will be Streamed Live across all of our Social Media Platforms simultaneously.

Our most valued sponsors will still announce the winners at this Online event, and we encourage finalists to plan their own parties to watch together, dress up, have a few cocktails and enjoy the night as best they can!

After the event, we will be sending all winners their trophies, social tiles, press releases etc. and ask that they all film their own acceptance speech and send to us, so that we can post their thank-you messages as we always do for everyone to see and share on our you tube channel and social media platforms.

All winners will also receive coverage in upcoming editions of HAIRBIZ Magazine.

Additionally, as an added extra this year and moving forward, we have contracted the services of well know Branding and Communication experts, Lily Blue Communications, and under the guidance of owner Jo Coles, we bring a new prize to all winners to help them come out of these challenging times, which will include:-

  • One 30-minute PR Mentorship Zoom session per winner to give valuable and personalised PR advice and direction and
  • One personalised press release per winner and recommendation of local press and digital opportunities for winners to follow up.

The HOT SHOTS Team for 2020 will be announced during the Online event, will receive prizes in both 2020 and 2021 and we will be in contact with them regarding their tenure.

We have taken this decision very seriously, investigated all options and have looked at how we can best deliver our events where all those involved including entrants, sponsors, judges and supporters all have the best results and outcomes possible both in 2020 and moving forward into the future.

We can’t wait to finally announce our 2020 winners, offer them a new and valuable PR prize, and then look ahead to an incredible 2021 with the AHIA Business Awards in October 2021 and the new AHIA Creative awards due to be held on the Queen’s Birthday weekend in Sydney.

Thank you and best regards to you all, in safety and in health

Linda Woodhead

Publisher and owner, mocha Publishing