The 2019 Hot Shots team were this week surprised, on the eve of their overseas adventures by the iconic and long time supporter of Hot Shots, the one and only Sharon Blain, when she offered them all a lifetime membership to the SBE BOOT CAMP ONLINE along with a kit of SBE tools on top!

Sharon has very generously offered each member of the Hot Shots team a life time membership to her SBE online boot camp.

WOWZA!!! The team will receive lifetime membership valued at $695 each and Sharon is also giving each member a hair kit of SBE tools valued at $120 each!

“It's my way to contribute back to next generation of hairdressers

by acknowledging the HOT SHOTS winners”

Boot Camp Online is a 12 session course with life-time access. It is an intensive and dynamic online hair styling course, teaching all the core foundational skills required for setting, using hot tools, pins curls, waves, braiding, blow drying and dressing that is designed to teach how to prefect the art of dressing long hair

The Team head off soon to Vienna for Gldwell Global Zoom, followed by a few fun days in London at Salon International which will include press passes, attendance at the Alternative hair Show and a special VIP salon Hop day!

Meeting up with this years creative director jayne Wild will also be a highlight to discuss the upcoming Team Photo Shoot on their return with Andrew O'Toole!!

Stay tuned on the @hairbizmagazine FB and Insta for all the HOT SHOTS adventures!